I want to need to remember:
:: a pod of dolphins hunting for their breakfast in the waters across the cove
:: the smell of laundry that has dried in the salty bay air
:: laughing and carrying on with old friends over wine and clams casino
:: a funky haircut that heralds a new season in my life
:: rounded triangles of moonlight reflected off the backs of thousands of waves and minnows
linguine con le vongole made by my former chef of a husband using clams dug from the bay with our own big and little hands. so. very. yummy.
:: reading sonnets under blankets after the weather turned much colder

October 16, 2008
Family, Friends, Outside, Thoughts, Travel


@maria rose: many thanks, that’s quite a compliment coming from one as talented as you

@susan: is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met? because i’ve missed you :)